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Watch the Anaheim Ducks Hit the Ice

Anaheim’s ice hockey team is the Anaheim Ducks. For an exciting way to spend an evening, head to Honda Center and watch the Ducks in action as they hit the ice.

Things to Do in Anaheim: Catch the Ducks

Watch players like Jared Boll, Sam Carrick, and Andrew Cogliano take the ice when you attend a game.

Team History

The Ducks were once called the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. You may recognize the name from the Disney movie, The Mighty Ducks. In fact, Disney bought the team in 1993, one year after the movie was released, and named the team for the film.

Upcoming Schedule

September is preseason play. Grab Anaheim Ducks tickets and watch them at home on the following dates for things to do in Anaheim: September 20, 22, 24, and 28.

Fun Facts

The Ducks’ original logo was the same one that was used for the team in the movie. When the team changed ownership in 2005, the logo and the name changed to their current iterations.

Make sure to take in an Anaheim Ducks game for lots of fun and excitement the next time you’re visiting with us here at the Anaheim Marriott Suites.

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