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Anaheim Art Crawl Experience
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Anaheim Art Crawl Experience

Everything’s coming up ACEs as the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience is back!

Unique things to do in Anaheim

If you want to “ACE” the test regarding the unique things to do in Anaheim this summer, it’s hard to come up with a better answer than the Art Crawl Experience! Downtown Anaheim’s quarterly art festival is set to return to the city streets on Saturday, August 18 (from 6:00PM to 10:00PM). Each of these quarterly “Crawls” have their own distinctive theme while retaining the common goal of bringing arts and culture to the downtown area.

Things to do in Anaheim

The theme for the August festivals always take attendees back in time to the decade that many consider to be the greatest in American history. Break out the jitterbug and get to Center Street to be part of “Swingin’ on the Promenade”! Even though the transformation of the modern day Promenade into an outdoor 1940s swing club would be enough to make this festival one of the top things to do in Anaheim in August, it’s the entire ambiance of the indie craft fair, including all of the local artisans and musicians, that really makes this event come to life. No proper festival would be complete without some local culinary creations to munch on. Thus, attendees will be able to shimmy their dancing feet to some of the top gourmet food trucks positioned around the Promenade or take a breather and dine at one of the downtown eateries that help support this event.

Anaheim Hotels

This is just a brief glance of what you can expect from the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience. And when choosing from all of the Anaheim hotels for the perfect swinging encore, Marriott Anaheim Suites is the obvious choice. Located less than 5 miles away, our spacious, luxurious suites will truly accommodate you in style. Swing on over, check out our special offers and book your suite today!